Bagdad Café


Here is the story of Bagdad Café. In the early days, sitting at the only table waiting for the odd traveller who needs a refreshment, a vintage car pulled into the yard. After stopping, the weary traveller pulled a bottle of brandy from the boot, lift it somewhat into the air and greeted me with a big smile, “my refreshment if you have Coke”.

We chit-chatted about his travels and I about this place (with no name yet) and of life in general. After a glass or more, the traveller received a phone call, presumably being asked where he was by which he then said, “I am at Bagdad Café, having a drink with Owen”. 

The next morning, I grabbed some left-over paint, a rickety ladder and started with the name. This was how Bagdad Café Grootdrift was born.

Somehow it reminded me of the ’80s movie Bagdad Café, between nowhere and nowhere, waiting for the odd traveller to tuck their feet under the table for a well deserved rest and refreshment.

What to expect

Descending the Maskam mountain from the East or winding through the koppies from the West (the R27 between Nieuwoudstville and Vanrhynsdorp), next to the river Grootdrift, you will find the treasure that is Bagdad Café.

Do not pass Bagdad Café! Make a pit-stop and meet Owen and his team. Relax on the stoep with a pancake or opt for a meal from the menu and finish it off with an ice cream cone. Take selfies. Browse the little shop of trinkets and scores of books, perhaps there is a jewel just for you. Make an appointment for Sunday lunch – a gourmet buffet on real food for the soul. Join the elite club of travellers who had the good fortune to feast at Bagdad Café.

If by chance you are in our vicinity during spring time, make sure not to miss out on what the surrounding environment has to offer. The rich culture and explosion of spring flowers and succulents is definitely worth the trip through Namaqualand

For the weary travellers, there is a place just for you. After your pit stop and party at the café, come rest your body and mind at Cecilia’s Cottage. Managed by Owen and his wife, you’ll be sure to expect the same kind of warm welcome and easy-going stay at the cottage. See what our accommodation has to offer for your visit throughout the Karoo