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Feast on real food for the soul, or locally known as “Boere kos”. Our menu offers farm-style comfort food that will have you coming back for seconds. Bagdad Café is famous for their Sunday Lunch buffets and good company. Have a look at what is for lunch this Sunday and don’t forget to book your spot at our table.

After having a Weekend Special, come and sit down for a refreshing moment and just enjoy the Knersvlakte one more monent.

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Bagdad Cafe Chalkboard Menu

#1 choice on the menu

The MOST talked about Pancake

Cinnamon Sugar – R15
… with ice-cream + 15
Cheese – R40
Curry Mince – R60
Curry Mince & Cheese – R70
Bacon & Cheese – R70
Bacon, Feta & Cheddar – R75
Boerewors & Cheese – R70


Roll of eggs with
Cheese & Tomato
Coffee or Tea
Only R70

(aka breakfast in a pancake)

"Roosterkoek" or "Sour Dough Bread"

Boerewors – R60
Curry Mince – R60
Curry Mince & Cheese – R70
Cheese, tomato & bacon – R70
Cheese & Tomato – R40
Cheese or Jam – R30
Cheese & Jam – R40
Butter – R15
With nothing on – R10

"Farm Breakfast"

2 eggs
roosterkoek (with cheese & jam)
cofee or tea

A healthy portion for R80

"To Drink"

FIlter Cofee – R20
Rooibos Tea – R20
English Tea – R20
(to take away – R5)

Still Water – R12
Coke – R15
Ice Cold Home Made Ginger Beer (750ml) – R30
Hot Chocolate – R25


Cake of the day
Creamsoda Float – R30

Knersvlakte SOFTSERVE – R15
(not to be found again for many many miles)

*Prices subject to change